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tungsten carbide seal rings non standard parts in mechanical processing k20


Price: $2.48 / PCS
  • Min. Order:31/Pieces
  • Product Code:G07C001C006
  • Model:
  • Processing Level:unground
  • Grade:K20
  • Finished goods inventory:0/PCS
  • N.W:32.4/Grams
  • Specification:φ19.5*7.8 MM
  • Tolerance:according to factory index MM
  • Delivery time:In Stock
  • Origin:Sichuan,China
  • Shipping:Free Shipping to United States via ePacket
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Tungsten carbide seal ring be used mainly for wastewater pump, water discharge pump for the mines, centrifugal pump, centrifuge, slag slurry pump and slurry pump in the adverse working conditions of high-speed rotation, sand flush abrasion and corrosion The most common types of seal faces are: Carbon, Ceramic, Ni-resist, 17-4, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, GFPTFE (glass filled PTFE.... often called Teflon (R)). Another group of seal faces would be those of coated seal faces. The coatings are "plasma coatings" and are generally a form or silicon or tungsten carbide sprayed onto a stainless steel seal head. They have been sold by various trade names by the major mechanical seal companies but in our opinion are not worth the money. We have found the coating will always eventually wear and once it has will need to be completely recoated. In contrast, if a Silicon Carbide or Tungsten Carbide seal face is worn, it can generally be re-lapped and polished , bringing it back to "like new" condition and allowing a second, third or even fourth use of the same seal head.