Q & A details -How to remove steel from Tungsten carbide (WC) rod ?
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How to remove steel from Tungsten carbide (WC) rod ?

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I want to remove steel layer from from tungsten carbide (WC) rod. My main motive is to remove steel but same time WC properties should not change.

For your better understanding,I am going to explain my problem. I am working on mechanical interaction of Tungsten Carbide with steel. After interaction steel layer will adher to the WC rod. So what I have to do, I have to remove steel material layer from tungsten carbide rod. So i am looking for any operation or solution so that steel is removed with out change in the property of WC.

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    0861788249 2017-01-06 09:11:56

    Why would a tungsten carbide rod have any steel at all in it?

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