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Alloy questions??

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Alloy questions?? 

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    0861788249 2017-01-12 13:19:34

    There are two types of alloys: Substitutionally alloys: Element with similar chemical properties and size. Atoms of another element kind of “replaces” some of the cations in the metallic lattice. Interstitial alloys: Atoms with a large difference in size. The smaller atom is kind of squished in to the metallic lattice. This is the type of lattice that carbon and iron forms. Carbon and Iron alloys: Mild steel: Components: Iron, carbon (0.5%) Properties: Strong, easily worked and welded Uses: Girders, car bodies Tool steal: Components: Iron carbon (1%) Properties: Strong, hard, brittle Uses: Tools, knives, cast iron Kind of hard to explain without diagrams if you still don’t get it try searching for: Substitutionally alloys Interstitial alloys Metallic Lattice Metallic bonding

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