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Flame spraying process

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Why choose our flame spraying process

  • We have more than 10 years experience in manufacturing flame spraying process products
  • Ex-factory is at least 30% cheaper than you own native
  • The quality conforms to the international ISO standards ,the service life of the product is long
  • The various types of products are in stock,the production cycle is short delivery time is within 4 days
  • Free samples can be provided
  • Small orders can be acceptable
  • We can make it according to your requirements or drawings.,OEM or ODM is acceptable.

Customer samples and drawings are also welcomed!

Ceramic materials can be made into bar and rod spraying method, can also be made from ceramic powder, the powder coating method is adopted. Ceramic thermal spray flame heating method commonly used heating mode or plasma arc heating method.

Rod flame spraying

Heating melting of ceramic materials are implemented through the flame spray gun, spray gun by introducing acetylene, oxygen and compressed air valve respectively, acetylene and oxygen mixture combustion flame in the nozzle exit. Gun inside the drive mechanism through roller drive rod continuously through the nozzle center hole into flame, heated to melt in the flame. Compressed air through the air cap after the formation of the conical high-speed airflow, the molten material from the rod end from, and atomized into fine particles, under the impetus of the fire and air, into the base material surface coating. This ceramic material is generally compressed into 3 mm bar. Because of acetylene and oxygen combustion temperature is 3500 ℃, so the general low melting point of ceramic material can be melted. But due to the ceramic can't make it infinite long straight bars, determines the continuity of the coating is restricted.

Ceramic coating

Practical ceramics thermal spraying materials, mostly metal oxide and part of the carbide and boride, silicide, etc. General application in powder form and its particle size influence the performance of the coating.

flame spraying process quality control

  • all raw material are tested in terms of density, hardness and T.R.S before use.
  • There are strict inspection on process and final products.
  • every batch of product can be traced.
If you have any other question or inquiry of flame spraying process, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:  Mr.Jiang : Mobile: 0086-138-0806-0309 Tel: 0086-28-8555-5525-803

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